Tuesday, September 26, 2006

So Much Opportunism, So Little Time. The Problems Of Bob Rae

If you grant me the lieniancy required, please allow me to use 'opportunism' in place of other motives of Bob Rae. This post will go to show quite readily Bob Rae's opportunism.

A Short History Of Opportunism

Bob Rae has only been a Liberal for a few months, becoming a member in February. I know this from amoung other things, because I was at an pre-leadership event of his in Vancouver. At that event even Bob joked about his ink on his membership card still being wet. This was just two months since he had contributed against Liberals, to the NDP. He also contributed to the Liberals, but not to the advantage the NDP recieved; for more information, click here, scroll down and read, "How Can A Liberal Be So Un-liberal." At that time he also told a friend he wanted the NDP to gain more seats. That was then, this is now. Bob Rae is a a few months old as a Liberal and he's running for Leader of the Liberal Party.

Present Opportunism

In Maclean's, you can read it here, Bob Rae seemingly proves my point of his opportunism. Bob states:
"The big change in my life wasn't going from being a New Democrat to being a Liberal," he says. "The big change was from being in opposition and being in government. It made me think about politics in a different way -- the need to get to solutions, the need to set priorities. When you're in opposition you can say all sort of things."
I admit one has to analyze what he says, but for what politician do you not have to. The big change for Rae wasn't between Parties but between being in power and not being in power; this is troubling, Rae is either saying the NDP and the Liberal Party are extremely similar or Bob Rae didn't change. I have only crossed off the option of growing out of the NDP ideology because I believe that takes longer then two months. We can assume the NDP and the Liberal Party are not similar; thus Bob Rae didn't change ideologies.

Why Opportunism

Then why did Bob Rae change parties if not ideologies? The latter part of his statement adequatly answers this, "for power." That's the only change Bob wanted, the big change from being in opposition to being in government. This is the opportunism of Bob Rae.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bob has basically said NDP is irrelevant, unrealistic. Since he split with the NDP years ago on that basis it has only hurt the NDP and surely been some help to Liberals. I don't think he is saying anything heretical here.

11:28 AM  
Blogger Daniel Mosely said...

It is true Bob took that position, the post is in reference to his motives as indicated by the Maclean's interview. It seems the biggest problem he had with the NDP was that they were in opposition.

11:31 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bob Rae left the NDP because of their views on Israel - not because of any idiology change. Bob Rae's wife is Jewish and I believe he is part Jewish.

4:05 PM  

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