Wednesday, September 06, 2006

CONSERVATIVE CRISIS: Liberals Must Speak Out

Yesterday's Globe and Mail reported that the Conservative Party of Canada is practicing anti-democratic behaviour within it's party. The story states that Stephen Harper and the Party claimed this Summer that no Conservative Incumbant would be protected from challengers in their nomination process. However, instead of out-right and clear denial to challengers, the Party dismisses challengers without explanation.

Denying the possibility of democratic procedures such as electing a candidate, and holding a previous candidate responsible is fundamental and necessary to representaion and euitable votes. Grassroot Conservatives are so outraged that they are suing their own Party for such injustice.

I believe it is our duty as Liberals to aid these Conservatives in pursuing a more democratic Conservative Party. This is not to illustrate Liberal generousity, this is to fight tyranny in a democracy.

As Liberals, participants in a political organization, we know the importance of having your voice heard; it is this reason that we must help the Conservatives because they should enjoy the same rights that we do.

I will pursue a curse of action to motivate the Liberal Party to take the Conservative problem to heart, and address a call of action to Stephen Harper.

I may disagree with the Conservative Party and it's ideology, but I do not disagree with it's rights.


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