Friday, August 25, 2006

Rae Rant: Why I Don't Support Bob Rae - And seriously, why does anyone?... seriously

When choosing a candidate I admittedly only looked at Ignatieff, Dion, and Kennedy. Everyone else did not even appear on my radar. Bob Rae wasn't even a blip; because I can't even think of supporting someone as Leader of the Liberal Party when he started the race with the ink on his membership card still dry. I know everyone knows this but it astounds me that Rae is even a competitor. In the states Rae would have been humiliated for even conceiving to run with a flip as big as the one he did.

Seriously, come on, can someone explain why they think someone who has been a Liberal for a few months can be Leader of a National Party? I know Rae is experienced, but come on! It doesn't matter if you're Jesus, Trudeau, or Denzel Washington, if you have only been a member for a few months on that point alone you shouldn't run for leader, let alone if you just switched allegiances from the NDP.

Why do you need to be a Liberal for a longer period? For countless reasons. The first is so people trust you. Trust is huge. If you were a Liberal member all your life you'd have the respect you deserve instead of the respect you buy or from misgotten notoriety. Another reason is for elections, if Rae was to win, which he won't, he'll end up collapsing into Ignatieff; but if he did win he would be blasted by the other Parties on flip-flopping. I guess the Liberal Party is just missing that critical cut-throat edge found in federal elections.

My argument on this point is pretty subtle and elementary, composed of pure unbelief. But COME ON! I don't get it. Do you realize the huge negative this is for a Liberal candidate to have? He shouldn't even be a 'Hedy Fry' possibility. I am just blown away.

This huge momentous example of a flip flop isn't even isolated. A report from the Canadian Federation of Students stated:

"Students’ fears about Bob Rae’s post-secondary education review were fulfilled today. Rae, a long time advocate of higher tuition fees and higher student debt, called for steep tuition fee hikes along with increased private and public student loan debt. In addition, Rae did call for more public funding and a system of grants for low-income students.

"While Rae does call for grants for low-income students, only families earning less than $22,615 would be eligible. Students from homes with family income between $22,615 and $35,000 would receive some form of grant to cover a portion of tuition fee costs but all those above that income threshold would finance their education exclusively through loans.

“Students welcome the fact that Rae is calling for the restoration of grants in Ontario after he eliminated our grants program as Premier,” said Greener. “However, throughout this process Bob Rae has argued that ‘rich’ students need to pay more. It will come as a surprise to Ontarians that he considers any family with income above $35,000 to be wealthy.”

For contrast look at Bob Rae's Current Plan for Education:

1) A principle we must enshrine in our education systems is that every qualified student should have access to college and university. No one should be loaded down with debts they can’t afford.
2) We need a federal-provincial student grants and loans program to cover both the living expenses of students and their tuition, starting with the least well-off students, and moving steadily upwards.
3) Ottawa should be a full funding partner in supporting the base operations of colleges and universities and priorities for labour market training, apprenticeship, research and graduate education....

The flip isn't that prominent, but it is there. As Ontario Premier he made it clear that he sought only to alleviate the financial difficulties of the very poor ignoring the poor, and in fact, increasing the difficulty for the poor to further their education. Now as a Liberal Leadership candidate he is advocating everyone experiencing financial difficulties be able to attend higher education.

I shouldn't even be addressing the problem with Bob Rae, because he shouldn't have even be running.

Seriously,......Come on!


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