Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Stephane Dion Campaign Falsifies Their Records

On Stephanedion.ca you'll find the latest news and information on Stephane Dion. A new item on Display is "Dion and Young Liberals present youth platform" which goes on to give a "10-point plan to increase political engagement of young Canadians."

It furthers with "Young Liberals from across the country have come together with Stéphane Dion to set out a clear vision for increased youth participation in politics, increased youth voter turnout, and increased voice for youth within the Liberal Party."

Near the end of this document it lists what appears to be a long list of prominent Liberals who are supporting Dion. From an unidentified source, I was notified of a name, Adam Miron. This name is of some interest, you'll find it around a third from the bottom; it's from this selection:

Neil MacIsaac, NS, St. FX Young Liberals, Executive VP

Jenna McGrath, NS, Saint Mary’s Young Liberals, VP Organization

Andrew McGregor, NB, President of the Mount Allison Young Liberals

Adam Miron, BC, President of UCC Kelowna Young Liberals

Jackie Moher, NS, Nova Scotia Young Liberals, VP Federal

Jennifer Mowbray, ON, Vice-President of the Davenport Young Liberals

What is of interest here, upon further investigation it was shown that Adam Miron isn't President of UCC Kelowna Young Liberals, in fact he doesn't live in Kelowna at all, let alone visits it regularly. Adam lives in Kamloops where he was trying to form a campus club at TRU, a university.

Even more there is no such thing as UCC, there is no club or association of the Liberal Party that has that Acronym nor one suitably found on google.

It is beyond a doubt falsification took place, possibly either by error or purposeful intent.

The question is why did the Dion Campaign result to such means?


Blogger Jason Cherniak said...

It was an error and now reads "Kamloops Young Liberals". Sorry about that.

1:48 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

No conspiracy, just a typo.

1:23 AM  

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