Sunday, August 20, 2006

Centrism: The Problem of the Left in the Left

A political organization represents the people in it. A Political Party is created for that sole purpose, of representing and consolidating interests. However there is a lapse in the transference of interest between the party and the people in it.

Let me explain. There is an image of the Liberal Party that it is Centrist or just left of centre. As reflecting individuals we see others perceptions of our party and we cannot help but too see the party that way. To change the Party, we would have to perform either a few actions from an extreme side or many actios from a little farther off skew. But no matter which path we choose our initial first actions will not change public perception immediatly; thus there is a lapse in interest between the peoples in the party's interest and the party's interest.

Currently, because the Liberal Party succeeded in election victory after election victory it became more focused on elections then representing the peoples interest. I must address however that winning elections is valuable and important, yet should not be the sole primary concern. We must now direct our efforts to re-analyzing the peoples interests within the party and identify the Liberal Party as a Party of the Left moderated by interests from the centre, not the other way around.

In this leadership race there are two such candidates who are able to bring the party back into its respective political position. Those candidates are Gerard Kennedy and Stephane Dion.

I have met both candidates on many occassions, I have asked them the same questions, read everything about them, including all of Dion's work and speeches; there is a clear difference between the two and it is transmitted through each of their characteristics.

Stephane Dion is experienced in Federal politics. That experience however is not as intrinsically valuable as it would let on. In all of his speeches he does not argue for anything new, instead he argues to support past government policies, akin to Michael Ignatieff arguing to support American foriegn policies instead of being creative and innovative and producing his own direction.

Gerard Kennedy in every speech and article imparts his inspiration of changing Canada; of making it the greatest nation on Earth. An International Country where we are an example to the world by being leaders in every sphere; by recognizing differences and building the strength inherit in them. Certain elements are familiar, but a Canada that listen's to the quiet sounds, sounds like a child being ignored by a teacher, is so real and compassionate that it's originality is obvious.

Stephane Dion is a past senior member of government; he is stuck in old methods and procedures. Where the Liberal Party needs rejuvination, he'll bring past solutions.

Gerard Kennedy is young and has the political experience necessary to revive the Liberal Party and the Left.

Gerard Kennedy is the person that represents the people of the left, the people of the Liberal Party, and of Canada.


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