Monday, August 28, 2006

Hedy Fry Turns 65

If you asked me a few months ago of who the oldest candidate is in this leadership race I would have said Bob Rae or possibly Michael Ignatieff. When I found out Hedy Fry was the oldest I was taken back, she does look good for her age, especially compared to Bob Rae who in person looks by far the oldest.

Well it was Hedy's birthday a few days ago, now she's 65 years old, a senior citizen, and she's running to be Leader of the Liberal Party of Canada. Yup, a senior running as a time when the Party needs to be rejuvenated, she wants a senior citizen to do the job. I am not saying senior citizens wouldn't make great Prime Ministers, but there are a considerable amount of negatives associated with a more elder Leader.

The criticisms are indeed generalizations, this I'll fully admit; but some generalizations are handy, in fact we use generalizations every day. I mean these criticisms as just addressing the situation and I mean no disrespect to Hedy Fry, senior citizens, or anyone else. I would actually like to hear a response from the Hedy Fry campaign to these criticisms though it will likely be just an attack on generalizing. And such an attack is reasonable, though I maintain human beings have to generalize to an extent to survive, for easy reference see David Hume's Habit or Custom; and in this scenerio, though they even might not apply to Hedy, they would apply to her appearence during an election as Leader and thus provide yet another obstacle to the Liberal Party.

An old Leader conveys an image to the public that the Party is old and dates, criticism number one.

Objection two, is a problem of succession. If Hedy Fry only wants to be in politics for another ten years, which I think would be her limitation; then we already have to begin thinking of posturing for the next leadership convention.

A third is with being set in her ways. Already the Press refers to her as stubborn, which in my opinion is not that bad. However when in times of Elections and major debates one must admit where faults lie and give honest answers and make concessions.

Again I mean no disrespect and I wish Hedy Fry a belated Happy Birthday, I wish her all the best.


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