Sunday, September 24, 2006

49% OPPOSE AFGHANISTAN, 38% SUPPORT: Plus how the candidates stand

The Toronto Star put out this article giving the poll results and then listing the Liberal leadership candidates's stances on the issue.

49% of Canadians surveyed oppose the mission in Afghanistan, dramatically higher then those who support at 38%.

I hope you read the article. Here's a summary of the positions in relation to the poll numbers.

Joe Volpe:

Wants to change the mandate.

Bob Rae:

Wants a discussion.

Hedy Fry:

Stay till 2007, but keep our original mandate.

Martha Hall Findlay:

She can see staying or leaving, all depending on our NATO partners.

Ken Dryden:

Stay in Afghanistan, in fact he never talks about positvely leaving, just about extending it.

Stephane Dion:

His stance is somewhere between Harper's and Layton's, his words. Also depends on our troops and if Afghanistan wants us.

Scott Brison:

Not just military, must have humanitarian component, and reviews of our mission.

Michael Ignatieff:

Home after 2009.

Gerard Kennedy:

Home if NATO doesn't change it's mandate into a more effective one.

The question is who represents the people?


Anonymous David said...

Kennedy has, in my opinion, the only defendable, thoughtful position on Afghanistan.

6:57 AM  
Blogger Gavin Neil said...

David is right - Gerard'd position is at least the only thoughtful one. Saying 2009 is like pretending everything is owrking right on schedule, as if we can withdraw in 2009 without breaking our promises or abandoning girls or whatever arguments are in place for not leaving right away. Saying 'it depends' or 'it requires discussion' is just a waste. Kennedy wants to use our influence to create a winnable mission and failing that, we leave: this is so sensible I think it must become the party position no matter who wins the leadership.

11:39 AM  

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