Friday, September 22, 2006

Act Together, New Leader, Afghanistan: Liberal's will Win, Conny's will Lose, No Coalition Necessary

An article in the Toronto Star places huge emphasis on the fact that the Liberal Party won't win the next election, partly because of the electoral system and partly because other parties are becoming more prominent. The article could be summed up with the reporter announcing his views that the Liberal Party should be more left,

And with a coalition it is likely to lead a government that actually represents a majority of voters, instead of its usual 38 per cent to 40 per cent. This is an advantage that is uniquely available to the Liberals: The Conservatives, because of their solo position on the right, could not, given the current party support pattern, attract any coalition partners, so are condemned to form only minority governments, or to form the opposition.

But the he goes on to add that it might not give a majority, in fact I propose it wouldn't even give us a minority.

The NDP is their obvious first choice. If that does not offer sufficient seats to form a majority (as is currently the case), then the Liberals could opt for a minority government in the hope of surviving with a few Conservatives not voting, or Bloc members crossing to support them on an individual basis. This is not an ideal situation; but it is the best on offer, and better than any available to any other party.

With a coalition with the NDP Liberal Members would dwindle. The reporter, Hugh Thorburn forgets about the political spectrum within the Liberal Party. There are Liberals who find the NDP too socialist-like in nature. This is just an observation of members especially in my riding.
If the Liberals and NDP were to team up, it would be an end or at least obstacle to the Liberal Party.

I am bold enough to state that the LIberal Party will win the next election without a coalition. We will do so with a new leader, (Partisan Warning) perhaps Kennedy, and we will win by our stance on Afghanistan, on our renewed structure, and the freeness of no sponsership related propaganda. What we need however is the belief and determination that we will take the conservatives down.

To Hugh, the electoral system will due until a better one comes along. All systems have their faults. For him to base long-term perspective on one election is beyond extrapolation.

Hugh forgets the past and thinks that people are now no longer Liberal. He forgets the reason people wanted Liberals out was so we'd get our act together. Well we got our act together and we got a whole new game.


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