Thursday, September 28, 2006

Kennedy, My Candidate

I am a Young Liberal in BC. My parents are divorced, I lived in Vancouver for most of my life. Looking back on it, I guess I lived in a few bad neighbourhoods growing up, but at the time I never saw the crime or the filth that those areas are now filled with. Growing up, I think I just saw the world through eyes that never aged. Perhaps I still see the world through innocent eyes, always believing there is good in everybody and people can change; but the difference between me as a kid and now, is that I know reality can be painful.

Since my perspective always tries to see the good, when I see wrongs and injustices they don't conform to my idea of the world. Crime, War, Injustice, those shouldn't exist. So when I hear about people in Canada that are starving, when children are being ignored in school, when Canadians are dying in the Middle-East, I want to change that. I don't want people in the alleys of a downtown anywhere, starving. I don't want children's lives affected forever by crowded classrooms. I don't want Canadians focused on military objectives when soon we will be forced to fight the Taliban as well as the people of Afghanistan. I want to change that.

That is why I am involved in Politics, in the Liberal Party, I want to change the world. Gerard Kennedy has that perspective. It is like mine, ideal in theory but practical in reality. The evils and maldecencies that occur in Canada and the world should not happen, they should never occur. Gerard has stated policy after policy that not only addresses and seeks to resolve the problems facing Canada, but to attack the roots, the social problems that give rise to all others.

From the environment, to Womens' equality, to Afghanistan, to the Economy, Gerard does not deal in the superficiality of semantics, he does not just talk, he acts. As other Candidates give speeches about Afghanistan, Gerard Kennedy addressed Stephen Harper and openly attacked the mission.

Gerard Kennedy is the Liberal that can draw from the NDP support without losing the more conservative Liberals. Gerard can do that by being the Liberal Leader of old. Caring and compassionate, with the skills of incorporating all views into the Party.

Gerard Kennedy will win the next election, he has no dangerous faults as other candidates do. Gerard has been a Liberal for a long time, he's lived in Canada all of his life, he's hasn't been investigated in this campaign, and the most compelling is he will bring his youth and new essence to the Liberal Party to re-identify it as the Party of the 21st Century.

I selected Gerard Kennedy because he believes that injustices and wrongs should never occur. That everyone in Canada and the World deserves food to eat, that children deserve a good education, and that torture is never O.K., and that war should always be the last option.

I know reality can be painful, but I also know it shouldn't be; that's why I have chosen Gerard Kennedy.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

All the other candidates feel about the same so Kennedy really doesn't stand out.

But it's your choice.

12:22 PM  
Blogger Daniel Mosely said...

Did you read my blog? I did not base my choice on feeling. If all of them feel the same way as you say, what makes one better then the other?

Gerard Kennedy is the candidate that will renew the party watch youtube search word Gerard Ken

12:43 PM  

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