Sunday, August 19, 2007

Canadian Soldier Dies Because Of Luck?

The Globe and Mail today has an article detailing another Canadian soldier's death. The report states that Simon Longtin died as a result of an Improvised Explosive Device (IED) going off near his Light Armored Vehicle (LAV). The report also includes various statements made by military officials, of particular interest is this:
Pte. Longtin, who hailed from the Montreal area, was the driver of a 2 Platoon Light Armored Vehicle, or LAV, and was simply unlucky, Charlie Company's officer commanding, Major Patrick Robichaud, said sorrowfully this morning.
I do not want to take anything away from this incident; however this troubles me. The commanding officer, the man responsible for Canadian Soldier Longtin, suggests Luck, or the absence there of, is what killed one of his men.

Major Robichaud could have been talking about the one in a million chance of going over the IED; that is the vast possibilities of routes to take, they were 'unlucky' to have taken the one that had the IED on it; however IED's are purposely created to kill our and NATO troops. The very fact that the IED was only 5 km from the base would hope to illustrate that.

If anyone I know died from a mine blast or something similar, I wouldn't call it unluck, the mine or IED was purposely placed to cause such an incident. To explain it by luck or chance takes away the murderous intent by the mine or IED maker.

I do acknowledge the term "Luck" is used to show scientific probabilities, and that is what could have been the case here, but in a life and death situation, slim probabilities should be considered, leaving all "Luck" out of the equation.

Further the Canadian Army should not believe in luck in any form. If a Canadian soldier dies because of an IED going off 5 km from base, investigations should be conducted, witnesses sought, safety parameters made, and most importantly the Canadian and NATO forces should pursue reason and not leave things to luck, so the our forces are never "Unlucky" again.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Luck? When they are over there "deliberately" fighting under orders from our government - there is no such thing as luck.

What stupid, cold statement. I'm sure his family appreciates that remark.

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