Tuesday, November 28, 2006

First Convention Post

Today I got to work. I found the Palais De Congres, and went out immediatly to the campaign tables. Ignatieff and Kennedy were the first set up, for a good while a head of the others. Bob Rae's team I heard had been waiting on red and black posters of him, that one Young Liberal mentioned made Rae look like Hitler. I won't comment, I'll let you be the judge.

I then went into Kennedy HQ, which has to be the closest office to the Registration and soon voting room, as the HQ is on the same floor but a 100 meters away. It was great finally meeting the voices you've talked strategy with.

The overall atmosphere of the Convention is comadery, everyone I met was genuinely nice. There was politicking, but that was to be expected.

The day began with Michael Ignatieff registering. It was given quite the extravagance, with people announcing his arrival. Then as he walked into the enormous room a few chanted his name. Talking with a Young liberal after, this Dion supporter thought it was pretty contrived.

I continued the day in the Registration room, guarenteeing rules were being followed. Today, Tuesday, roughly 600 delegates registered. That is 600 elected, Ex-Officio, and Alternates registering. This may seem like a lot, but with a total nearing 6000 solely elected delegates, tomorrow is predicted to be mayham. I hope everyone gets there early.

Some Ex-Officio's I scrutineered over were the MP Denis Coderre, Senator Grant Mitchell, MP Pablo Rodriguez, and some Riding Presidents. Of note, it seemed the ex-officio were having the most problems. Their badges seemed to be missing data, or they weren't fully in the system.

Overall registration for today was extremely smooth, only one report of a woman crying, and that was only because she couldn't be a volunteer. That was resolved with her becoming one. There were a few delegates who hit rough patches but our Liberal registrators were amazing. I did not see one problem they did not reconcile, and I was there for over 5 hours.

There were delegates from all over. Of notice though was only the top four candidates' supporters were clearly wearing their pins today. I only say one Scott Brison delegate wear his pin. After registration I did see a few Martha supporters but that's it.

Gerard Kennedy will be registering tomorrow morning so register early and meet Gerard.


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"Comadery" ?????? In what dictionary did you find that? Do you own one? I suppport Dion too but please clean it up and try to sound less like a yahoo.

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