Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Why Justin Trudeau's Opinion Matters: To Cherniak, and others

First let me state I address this specifically to Cherniak because everyone knows he his a prominent Liberal blogger, thus his opinion holds slightly more sway than an average bloggers none.

Jason Cherniak gives his sarcastic remark, that since Justin Trudeau is not a delegate then his opinion should not be considered. This is a remarkable position to take. Just looking at this broadly without any deeper inspection, Justin is a Canadian. Therefore his opinion matters as does all Canadians. Liberals would not select a leader if 75% of the population was against him, no matter the support within the Party. This I accept is a mere supportive argument.

My stronger argument is, Justin Trudeau is an icon, it may be inhereited (which by listening to him talk, the future will prove it to by self-made), but he is an icon nonetheless. Jason Cherniak cannot deny that under Trudeau the Liberal Party had a high point; a high point in appeal to non-Liberals and a high point in polls and a high point in membership. Thus Trudeau, the name, is not only remembered within the Liberal Party but outside as well.

Thus when Justin Trudeau takes a position when it comes to politics, the media listens and so does Canadians. Of all the people who have endorsed a candidate (exluding other candidates) none have had the media attention that Justin Trudeau has had within this Liberal Leadership race. If anyone is to doubt this, look at CTV which has done multiple television interviews with Justin, posted multiple articles, not to mention CBC and newspapers. One only has to scan the blogs to see bloggers picking up on Justin Trudeau's latest speculation on the race and he hasn't even endorsed anyone as of yet.

So my main point to all those who question or downplay Justin Trudeau's opinion, I accuse them of not caring what non-Liberals think of the Liberal Party and of Canadians even if it is just one, Justin trudeau.

Justin may have inhereited his icon status and thus no real physical accomplishments, but what he holds, is his non-;iberals, and a wider range of Canadians, attention then the Liberal Party does. Thus in this regard, his opinion is more important then mine, more important then Cherniaks, more important then just an MPs; it is important because he speaks to all those Canadians who were Liberals long ago under Trudeau, he speaks to those that remember how great Trudeau was. The media knows this, why doesn't Cherniak?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Justin Trudea an icon? Are you kidding?

Like Ben Mulroney, he's the son of a former PM. That's it, period.

He's not a delegate, he's not particularly accomplished and he is not his father. He can't be objective because he hasn't formed his own views. Of course he loved and respected his father, that's a given, but it's time he grew up and started to think for himself. Perhaps he shoule truly study his father's past contraversial views.

I think for myself. I don't need the son of a former contradictory and contraversial PM telling me what should be. That is a insult.

6:22 AM  
Blogger Daniel Mosely said...

Well explain how he gets all the media attention? Explain why he gets appointments within the Liberal party?

You don't even present an argument. Like this phrase, I don't even get it: "He can't be objective because he hasn't formed his own views." So whose views is he forced to represent?

Second, you say: "I think for myself. I don't need the son of a former contradictory and contraversial PM telling me what should be. That is a insult." He never said everyone should be like him, not even close! He presented his opinion like everyone else. You don't even go into why he is 'contradictory'.

Comments that pose as arguments are an insult, not against me, but to logic.

8:53 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Suddenly what Justin Trudeau thinks is important?

What are we coming to.

6:19 AM  
Blogger Daniel Mosely said...

Did you read my blog? Justin's opinion has always mattered to Canadians and to the media. Next time actually add to the discussion rather then detract from it.

10:33 AM  

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