Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Gerard Kennedy Puts Renewal First

Some Liberals believe the Red Ribbon Report was enough, I don't. The Red Ribbon offers superficial changes, changes that are only changes in perspective. We are still the same flawed Liberal Party that lost the last election; we are still the same Liberal Party that fights more amogst ourselves then against the Conservatives. What The LIberal Party needs is real renewal.

The last debate is a prime example of this infighting. Potential leaders digging and attacking other candidates, Liberals booing Liberals, all this is proof the Liberal Party is in repeats. Gerard Kennedy is not attacking other candidates, and he is not trying to divide the Party. There are no "stop Kennedy" websites or venomous articles relating some misdeed Kennedy may have committed in the past, because Gerard Kennedy puts renewal first.

The other leading candidates are focused on gaining the Liberal Leadership, Gerard is focused on changing the Liberal Party. Gerard doesn't want the Liberal Leadership if he can not, with the Liberal membership, change the Liberal Party; to change it into the Party of the 21st Century. I don't want any leader who is interested in anything but renewal, I want Gerard Kennedy.

Gerard Kennedy in a speech at a rally, spoke to myself, and to any other Liberal wanting a real change within the Liberal Party. He was on the stage, looking at every one of us, and he said:

We now have what we needed - a significant foundation to build a strong consensus for real renewal of the Liberal Party. We have already proved part of our point - thousands of Liberals responded to your persuasion, your phone calls, your organization and your example by voting for an ambitious view of the future. There was no outside hype or old machine politics, just other liberals leading the way.

I am more convinced than ever than we can - and we must - win. I know I can persuade Liberals to trust a renewed party - one that relates to ordinary working families, delivers results that matter and earns back the respect of Canadians.
Gerard Kennedy puts renewal first, renewal is present in his grassroots campaign, and it is present in his vision for the Liberal Party.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

What are the specifics of renewal?

All your campaign has talked about is rhetoric on this subject.

4:09 PM  
Blogger Daniel Mosely said...

Well Anonymous since you don't do the research, but certianly make judgements, let me do the research for you.

And if I am rude in this response let it be clear it is because of your lack of forethought.

If you had watched any of the debates you would have heard Gerard's remarks on the subject.

Gerard proposes that the leader will be held more accountable to the cabinet and grassroot Liberals. Having the leader responsible to the cabinet will make the Liberal Party, a party of leaders, instead of a one-person domination. This would most likely reduce the factioning that was the result of the previous leadership race and some might say the premature resignation of Paul Martin.

Further it is seen how Gerard Kennedy will renew the Party by his actions. Gerard is one of two candidates that actually puts forth websites for greater inclusion, I'm talking about generationkennedy.ca and the other being iggynation.ca from the Ignatieff campaign.

Also Gerard is not attacking any Liberals but trying to keep the Liberal Party together through his example.

Your comment is quite aggresive as you forget to mention that all of the other candidates have spoken mere rhetoric, while I have given specifics.

4:30 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The reality is the Liberal Party is NOT interested in true renewal.
I came to this conclusion at this past weekends LPC(Q).
This is why GK and Martha H-F are not getting the momentum in this campaign.
We Liberals smell Tory blood and each day are closer to believing that forming the next government is a reality.
As this continues, a "renewal" is not interesting.

8:23 PM  
Blogger Gavin Neil said...

anon 4:09 - you're out to lunch brother. the words and more importantly his actions have practically shouted renewal.

Also, it's Gerard's campaign, not Daniel's. Leave the personal smears to your candidate, whoever he may be, since ours doesn't stoop to them.

11:03 AM  

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