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Am I The Only Blogger That Uses Evidence?: Gerard Kennedy Won The Debate

I must acknowledge that this is my own opinion and every other blogger has contributed their own, but none have provided any real evidence.

Michael Ignatieff never showed any passion, prove me wrong; show me a clip where he changed his low voice more then a decibel higher. I watched the debate twice, and I never saw more then an enthused pitch in his voice. Contrary to Kennedy who conveyed his passion to the crowd and Martha Hall Findlay even Ignatieff, watch the clip. Ignatieff also tried to slam Bob Rae, showing disrespect for office of Leader. It back fired and Rae slammed him, and all he could repeat was "That is not true."

Bob Rae showed some passion but there is no doubting that he was malicious in his attacks on fellow Liberals. The more reason why Bob Rae has fallen in my books. After he slammed Ignatieff there is a image of him laughing that makes him look sinister; it's quite disturbing. Further, Bob Rae looked 65; I take this as another flaw for obvious reasons.

Stephane Dion admittedly showed the most passion out of these three but it was dampered by his poor english speaking. Further Dion lost respect by his continual utterance of "This is unfair," to Ignatieff concerning the previous Liberal government didn't get it done. Lastly Dion too attacked fellow Liberals, I don't want a leader who attacked or was so rude to other Liberals that he made the whole Party look bad.

Scott Brison was fantastic. He brought great insight into every discussion he was involved. He provided humour such as "I play hockey too." He only slammed Joe Volpe because Volpe wouldn't let him finish. Only because of this negativity am I offering that Kennedy won, as Brison had done a great debate otherwise.

As for Gerard, watch this clip. His style of speaking was unmatched and the content of his speeches is so undoubtedly Liberal, he only furthers the Liberal cause. Of importance Gerard unlike the other major three never attacked another candidate, he wasn't even rude. This in my books, as should me in yours is a winner.


Blogger s.b. said...

not one political oundit said Kennedy won the debate. Your "evidence must be so obscure as to have gone un noticed by all of these people whose professionit is to commenton Politics in canada. but carry on.

9:15 AM  
Anonymous Matt C said...

Kennedy's articulate French proved to me he won the debate.

9:33 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

why would quebec give up these responsibilities to ottawa?

9:34 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Excellent clip. Kennedy on a roll.

9:44 AM  
Anonymous Steve S. said...

Here here. I thought GK was fantastic on Sunday. I was between Dion and him before the debate but Dion's poor english and poor defence of his record at environment (nothing happened bcause of the deficit????) along with Gerard's fantastic performance have convinced me.

10:04 AM  
Blogger Daniel Mosely said...

SB: Not one political pundit thought Gerard would run asd a candidate months ago.

Then, Not one political pundit thought Gerard would even get any support.

Not one political pundit thought Gerard would beat Dion.

Not one political Pundit would have predicted Gerard Kennedy's success up until now, and I don't see why the pundits would have got any smarter since then.

Matt C: Matt C. how many french words were spoken throughout the whole debate? Barely any from all candidates, I doubt first off that you watched the debate in french, second, I know Gerard's french is better then Dion's english. Third, his speeches more then make up for any lack of French mastery.

Anonymous: Quebec wouldn't give them up. Ottawa would work with the provinces.

10:07 AM  
Blogger Dan McKenzie said...

Technically Michel Varissal did say Kennedy won the debate. Also Brian Laghi said Iggy and Kennedy gained the most from it.

10:25 AM  
Blogger Altavistagoogle said...

Winning a debate is quite subjective.

10:42 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Kennedy was impressive in the debate. But his french does suck and while Dion's english in not great at times it is definately better than Kennedy's french. This can and will be overcome--but not this time. There is a reason Kennedy got killed in Quebec and the reason is his french. (Organizational shut outs is lousy spin from the Kennedy camp) Whoever wins the leadership will have a great Minister in GK and the Liberal Party has a brilliant leader in waiting.

I also think that we as Liberals need to think about the next election. The next campaign and Bob Rae was right. It will not be a tea party. We can talk all about negative campaigns and why they are bad but they are a reality. Thinnk Tory ad "they'll go neg" it is a negative ad about negative ads. So I say it is time for the leadership canadidates to call each other out. Dion was right to question Dion, Iggy was right to call out Dion on the environment and Rae was right to point out Ignatieff's various flip flops. let's see which one of these guys (or girl) can actually give Liberals a chance to win the next election. Lets see which one of these guys has the political skill to bring Liberals back to to power so that this party can start influencing public policy again

11:52 AM  
Blogger Daniel Mosely said...

Alta: I agree but I think it is beyond subjectivity in this case that Gerard won. Find a better clip of any other candidate.

Anonymous: Go to YouTube type in "Stephane Dion English"

Stephane Dion's english is bad. Gerard Kennedy's French is bad.

For you to say it is merely spin for Gerard's lack of organization in Quebec, well you don't know onviously the facts. Only 10% of all Liberal Quebeckers voted at DSM's, showing the Liberal Party has a lot of work to do. It's not spin, it's a fact.

You can be for negative campaigns all you want, but Gerard Kennedy is in third place and he is increasing his lead over Dion as the results get in. He used to be beating Dion by 12, then 24, now 26.

If you think another candidate did better, find me a clip. If I don't see a clip on YouTube, I'll know you're response.

12:03 PM  
Blogger robedger said...

I guess winning to you means very litle more than who was the most polite. I think that the vast majority of commenters have a different standard than yourself.

Obviously Rae with his "for a guy that has changed his mind three times in the last week" and Dion with his "it didn't take a liberal leadership race for me to say that I'm proud to be a Liberal" won the sound byte debate, for whatever that is worth. Not uncoincidentally, most observers have picked those two as the winners.

Kennedy's politeness, while endearing to some, also tended to make him a little bit invisible.

1:06 PM  
Anonymous shane said...

I was the Previous anon

I think Brison did better even without Youtube to help me. And while he was not great all the time Dryden's hockey story was amazing...if he had been doing that throughout the campaign he would have more delegates.

AND I will admit again that Kennedy was impressive. No doubt one of his better performances but his Quebec numbers really make him a tough sell for Leader. 18 delegates?

Look I am no defender of Dion's english. It is bad, which sucks because I think he might be a Good PM, but the fact of the matter is you have to have good command of both languages to be PM. Kennedy has time to learn French and one day he will make a great PM but think about it from the Quebec point of view. He has his whole adult life to learn french has a french family and somehow has not mastered the language? It seems a tough sell to frnacophone Canadians.

I think 18 delegates in Quebec is a direct result of his substandard french rather than a lack of organization. Even if only 10% of Quebec Liberals voted, Joe (which scandal is it today?)Volpe beat him. THAT is a fact. It is also a fact that only the Canadidates with strong french did well in Quebec.

Mr. Kennedy should figure out which leader he can work with learn to speak French at a level that befits a Prime Minister, and plan for the next Leadership., from there it will be a short trip to 24 Sussex.

BTW I am not for negative campaigns but good frank campaigns involve pointing out your openents weaknesses. So I say that there needs to be some hard hitting by these candidates. We need to see what these guys do when they are hit cause the Cons will not give an inch during the next election.

1:11 PM  
Blogger Daniel Mosely said...

Robedgar: If you want to follow the observers by all means go do so. But I'm actually providing my own opinion. If Kennedy is so invisable why is he dominating the blogs and the media with his performance read the globe and mail.

Politeness is one thing, and unity is even better. Again read the globe. How can a leader lead someone who he blasted, or how can one follow a leader after he said he was wishy-washy?

Stephen Harper. Case in point. Gerard Kennedy is said to be at Stephen Harper's french speaking level a few years ago. Who is PM?

Gerard Kennedy has support in Quebec, and if you think Organization had nothing to do with it, you should become more involved in the Liberal Party. I was at a bar one night with some other BC organizers and a few national ones, we were pretty drunk, when one got a phone call, her campaign just got 2 out of the three main Quebec organizers, this was a coup for them, as it brought hundreds of supporters with them.

I know that organization was key.

Plus how can you even say Gerard wouldn't do well in Quebec. From what I know the DEM's were between Liberals not between Liberals and the Conservatives. Gerard Kennedy as Leader would not only receive the Quebec support given to other candidates but foster a stronger Liberal Presence. It is a very weak argument to suppose a poll between Liberals in Quebec would determine a Leaders support there in a federal election.

1:37 PM  

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