Thursday, November 02, 2006

Fact Is The Conservatives Are Detached From Canadians

While the Conservatives coldly base policy on theory and ignore the most important factor, people; their latest move has hurt Canadians unnecessarily hard. Yesterday the Conservatives attempted to fix income trusts; their maneuver however impacted working Canadians, middle-class Canadians to a greater extent then the upper-classes.

Gerard Kennedy has devoted himself to showing the faults with this government, while others advertise themselves, Gerard sees the priority in attacking Stephen Harper. Kennedy doesn't attack the Conservatives because of partisanship, he attacks them because their wrong. As with this situation, the Conservatives first lied about their intentions. At it is clear Harper misled Canadians:
In a 2005 National Post editorial, Harper wrote," As my party's finance critic, Monte Solberg, says, the success of income trusts represents a rare triumph for investors over the tax man. Let's not be so naive as to assume that the Liberals will do the right thing to protect taxpayers. We'll need to fight hard to keep what we have, and even harder to gain ground."

Canadians relied on the Conservatives word to their financial detriment. They broke a key election promise and are serving up the same old game of over- promising and under-delivering. Canadians deserve better.

Now as the government, the Conservatives did a 180 degree turn and devastated income trusts.

This change has hurt Canadians, something the Conservatives either ignored or didn't comprehend in their planning.
he Harper government's income trust cure falls disproportionately and unfairly on fixed income Canadians. Today, thousands of individuals suffered a large, permanent loss in their hard-earned savings as a reward for following the rules of the day and after a commitment from the Conservatives that no changes would be made.

Not only does the Conservatives strategy hurt Canadians directly but it also could have an impact on investor confidence; the impacts of this policy are yet to be fully realized.

One thing is for sure though, and that is this damage could have been lessened by an implementation of a gradual system of introducing reforms to the income trust operations. A gradual introduction would have minimalized any pain felt by middle-class investors and aided Canadians in adapting to the change.

Appearantly Stephen Harper thinks Canadians should just deal with it. I think we should deal with Stephen harper first.


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