Monday, October 30, 2006

Gerard Kennedy Will Beat Stephen Harper

I have brought up a few of these points before, but they deserve reiteration. These are points strictly in consideration of campaign worth.

Gerard Kennedy Comes From The West- As Liberal Leader, Gerard would be the first leader west of Ontario, this would not only be a first for the Liberal Party, but it would be a huge election selling point. I can see the election ads stating the western roots of Kennedy, his home province of Manitoba, his education and his social career in Alberta on top of his Ontario experience. Simply Gerard Kennedy has the broadest appeal. Broader then Harper.

Gerard Kennedy Has Been A Social Icon- Gerard Kennedy, doesn't have any baggage, and on top of that ran a National Food Bank for years. His dedication to helping the down-and-out puts him at a higher level then Harper. Just contrast the cld calculating economist of Stephen Harper with the warm, caring, food bank director and Ontario Education Minister of Gerard Kennedy. So not only in consideration of the poor, but Gerard has background in ministerial running of the largest province's Education system. Gerard Kennedy's background is far superior then Harper's, appealing to everyone, and cannot be attacked.

Gerard Kennedy Will Change Canada- As Liberal Leader most Liberal leadership candidates do not offer that great of change. Most of the candidayes offering similar plans in regard to Afghanistan. Gerard Kennedy has an innovative approach to Afghanistan that'll offer the Canadian public a choice, and that choice will be Liberal.

Gerard Kennedy Speaks With Passion- Gerard Kennedy and Michael Ignatieff, and to a lesser extent Bob Rae and Stephane Dion speak well. Gerard Kennedy however, wether on television or in the debates offers a real person conversation. Michael Ignatieff quite often meddles into methods unbefit of a politician such as theorizing and drifting into the dialectical. Bob Rae keeps blindly asserting that his Ontario reign was a success for the time, ignoring reality. Stephane Dion, for me at least, has been increasingly rude and arrogant. He has attacked other candidates to which I expected more of him. Simple those three don't portray a relationship with the everyday person. Gerard does.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

For what it is worth...
GK, wouldn't be the first leader from the west.
John Turner was from BC. Yes, like GK he spent a good amount of time in Ontario.

2:02 PM  
Blogger Daniel Mosely said...

Actually John Turner was born in England....for what it's worth

2:56 PM  

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