Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Michael Ignatieff, I Hardly Knew Ye

I'll be open and honest. It would be in my interest to have Michael Ignatieff remain a top contender until the final ballot, as Gerard Kennedy's support would grow to counter him for a final ballot declaring Kennedy the winner. And as such it is to my disappointment that I am seeing Ignatieff's general support decline; this is a feeling garnered from the media, blogs included.

To prove my point, here is a collection of news articles portraying Ignatieff in a negative light.

1. Globe: Ignatieff favoured by Harper
2. Reuters: Ignatieff is a Hawk
3. Globe: Toronto debate-poor showing
4. Globe: Iggy not a politician
5. Globe: Iggy betrays Trudeau
6. Globe: Ignatieff not a politician, different article
7. Canada.com: Son finds Ignatieff Offensive
8. Toronto Sun: Ignatieff stands against everything Trudeau believes
9. Globe: Ignatieff dragging the rest of Canada down
10. Globe: Kadis Leaves Ignatieff, goes to Rae
11. Globe: Michael Ignatieff is a "fool"
12. Globe: Ignatieff spouts anti-americanism
13. Canada.com: Ignatieff Out of Touch
14. Globe: Ignatieff lacks Sound Judgement
15. Globe: Ignatieff's Gaffe is last straw
16. CTV: Ignatieff loses co-chair
17. The Star Phoenix: Ignatieff campaign sputtering
18. Calgary Herald: Iggy lacks compassion and flip flops
19. Canada-Israel Committee- Asking ignatieff to apologize
20. Straight.com: Canadian Muslim Congress asks Ignatieff to apologize
21. Globe: Iggy plays into Harper's hands
22. Globe(letter): Iggy divides better then unites
23. Leader-Post: Iggy- Major Gaffe
24. Globe(letter): Iggy trying to fool Liberal Party
25. Toronto Star(letter): Not a Liberal
26. Globe(letter): Ignatieff pandering
27. Toronto Star: MPs wife quits in response to Ignatieff
28. Vancouver Sun: Anybody but Ignatieff- Axworthy
29. Ottawa Citizen: Iggy ain't hip
30. Winnipeg Sun: Ignatieff's Gaffe
31. National Post: Iggy Falls
32. National Post: Iggy thinks Israel is guilty
33. Globe(letter by Cherniak): Iggy is confused
34. Toronto Star: beginning of end for Iggy
35. Canadian Jewish News: Cotler says Iggy was wrong
36. Globe: Iggy divides
37. Globe(letter): Iggy not a favorite
38. Toronto Star(letter): Iggy in his ivory tower
39. The Gazette: Iggy needs to watch his mouth
40. CityNews: article and video- Iggy hurt the Party

And these are just the pages that still are current. I know of at least 1o other articles that I couldn't find.

Again I would like to see Iggy turn this around and finish a strong second to Kennedy, but it looks like that won't happen.


Blogger s.b. said...

Brilliant summary of his headlines. It says a lot.

11:30 AM  
Blogger Alexander said...

Dan, well?

12:21 PM  

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