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Stephane Dion, Saying It Like It Is . . . Or Isn't

Stephane Dion has recently twice taken two sides on different issues. This may seem like double-speak on my part but it's all on how Dion tests the political waters before making any commitments. I have two examples to showcase this quality.

First, this article it clearly says Dion supports Nuclear Energy. In this article, however, it seems Dion adds alot of stipulations. It is in reference to both that it is unclear if Dion is for Nuclear Energy or not. So contradictory that even some Dion supporters think he is for it while others don't. One Dion supporter claims Dion says he supports Nuclear Energy but added those stipulations knowing it would never happen; thus Dion would get the best of both worlds. In all of this, and if one is to give into some Dion supporters claiming he does not support Nuclear Energy, then on one side Dion doesn't support Nuclear Energy, and then on the other he does.

The difference in News stories is most likely a test of the waters by Dion. The taking of for and against Nuclear Energy is troubling.

Another example, this is the most awe-inspiring of Double-speak, it involves Dion's compromise on the Quebec Nation issue. You can read an article concerning the story
here, here, and here. With Ignatieff's quagmire a solution was thought to be needed, so Dion stepped up and drafted a compromise resolution. Let it be clear Dion drafted the resolution (see articles).

An interesting feature of the article is Dion responding to Ignatieff's gaffe:
"Don't go there if you are unable to say how many nations you want to recognize ... Don't pretend that it's necessary and symbolic, second point, because it's a contradiction."

Keeping that in mind, look at what Dion said about the resolution, he himself drafted:
"It's a draft. I'm even not sure myself I would say I support it. But it's better than the current resolution."
Dion wrote a draft and he does not know if he would support it. His thoughts written down on paper concerning the best way to resolve the issue, and he does not know if he would support his own ideas.

Again Dion is testing the water's, he wants to gauge the reaction of those involved before making a commitment. This is an adequate method, for a follower of polls, and not a leader of them.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Testing the waters? Doesn't sound like a man of conviction to me.

Evenutally, the truth has a way of coming out.

10:03 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

In the first article he's clear and in the second article he adds stipulations. You better read the first article again, it clearly states:
"But Dion says he'd like to hear more about the nuclear idea"

10:35 AM  
Blogger Daniel Mosely said...

In the first article: "Liberal Leadership Candidate Dion Supports Nuclear Power In Oilsands
Nov, 13 2006 - 7:50 AM

CALGARY/AM770CHQR - Using nuclear energy as a source of power for the oilsands has the support of Liberal leadership candidate Stephane Dion."

This explicitly states he's for it. Hearing about an idea doesn't impede support for Nuclear Power.

10:49 AM  
Blogger petroom said...

Dion from the beginning qualified what he said: he was open to the idea if it was safe and met his concerns, primarily for nuclear waste.

In case you don't realize, nuclear power is used in Ontario and everywhere else. It's not taboo to discuss it being used in a tight energy market when trying to develop an industry requiring huge amounts of energy.

What do the other candidates think about nuclear power as an option in the oil sands? That should really be the question from this topic.

11:48 AM  
Blogger Daniel Mosely said...

First off you don't know what Dion said, we all only have the newspapers to go on. So unless you were there or you are Dion's campaign manager don't speak for him.

Second Nuclear power in Canada is only in Ontario. And do you want a 1993 government paper, the only government paper, on those reactors? Because it clearly says it is not cost effective and that it does not allow for transitional technologies.

12:11 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

4:51 PM  
Blogger petroom said...

Dion says he's open to idea of nuclear power

FORT MCMURRAY (CP) - Liberal leadership candidate Stephane Dion says he's open to the idea of using nuclear energy as a source of power for Alberta's booming oilsands.

Dion, who was in Fort McMurray on Sunday drumming up support for his leadership bid, said he'd like to hear more about the nuclear idea, particularly on the issue of safe options for nuclear waste disposal.

''I'm always concerned about what do we do with the nuclear waste,'' said Dion, who is a former Liberal environment minister.

''I'd want to be able to look Canadians in the eye and say I know what to do with the waste of nuclear energy.''

Last week, Alberta Tory leadership candidate Jim Dinning told a candidates' forum that nuclear power must be an option in the oilsands.

Dion said he will work with Dinning if they both win. But he said he will not proceed with nuclear power unless there is a ''strong solution'' in place.

Touring Fort McMurray for his first time, Dion said the area presents challenges.

''The most exciting challenge to me is Fort McMurray because of the incredible economic growth that we have there,'' he said. ''At the same time, it's also a very big environmental challenge,'' Dion said.

''If I succeed in becoming the leader of my party and subsequently the prime minister of Canada, Alberta will have the best partner it can find.''

10:24 AM  
Blogger Daniel Mosely said...

Pet- You referenced this, "Dion said he will work with Dinning if they both win. But he said he will not proceed with nuclear power unless there is a ''strong solution'' in place."

So we still don't know is he for it or against it? He's vague because he wants his cake and to eat it too.

Why can't he commit? Why can't he come up with a solution now?

10:33 AM  

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