Monday, April 02, 2007

YouTube Unmasks Rural Conservatives

At a public meeting, in a public place, Conservatives in a small rural riding in BC illustrated characteristics not far from a Facist regime. A student, Scott Ross filmed an "Open House" with Ron Cannan, his Conservative MP. It was advertised as an open house for discussion of the 2007 budget and as a commentor on a blog wrote, the local news site, castanet reported it to be a meeting of all constituents.

While filming however a senior citizen took the floor stating he wanted to ask questions before the people. Well a Conservative staffer quickly retook the mic and announced the meeting was for Conservative members only. The senior was silenced and Scott who was diligently filming the affair was physically forced to stop filming the event with the accusation he was breaking the law. Indeed the Act mentioned cannot even apply to an organization or individual besides the Canadian government.

This whole incident is too similar to occasions in third world countries that pretend to be democratic and open but in reality limit freedoms and individual rights.

This occurance demands all Liberals to pick up camaras and follow suit but also demands from us that we will never let this happen to our Party.


Anonymous foottothefire said...

Particularly at public meetings paid for by the taxpayer.

4:33 AM  

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