Wednesday, November 29, 2006

It's More Than A Majority, It's A Clear Majority That Canadians Oppose Quebeckers As A Nation

The most recent poll has come out, and it is more than obvious that non-francophone Quebeckers, francophones outside of Quebec, and Liberal Party supporters reject the idea of Quebeckers having a nationality other than Canadian.

The poll question was, "Currently, there is a political debate on recognizing Quebec as a nation. Do you personally consider that Quebecers form a nation or not?" And in each category the overwhelming answer was "No."

Non-Francophone Quebeckers responded with 62% saying No.

Francophones outside of Quebec responded with 77% saying No.

Liberal Party supporters 72%

It was the French speaking Quebeckers who were the lone language and regional supporters of the motion at 71%. This is significant, but in regards to the Federal Government as with the Liberal Party supporting such a resolution is unrepresentative and unjust.

I wonder how can any candidate justify supporting the motion that passed?

Especially in consideration of this testimony:
Jean Johnson, president of the French-Canadian Association of Alberta, said the concept of a Quebec nation was settled within Quebec decades ago.
"Taking this dialogue to the federal level creates an isolation between the two francophone communities, the community in Quebec and outside," he said.
"It's not a useful situation in creating a united country."
When the federal government recognizes Quebecois and ignores the rest of French Canada "we're really persona non grata," he said. "We're second-class citizens. It's very emotional, and it's a feeling of being rejected."


Anonymous Anonymous said...

And that is something to be proud of?
The Liberal candidate in the Repentigny by-election garnered 6% of the vote. Michel C Auger wrote the next day that more people believe Elvis is still alive than vote Liberal.

And, the strategy for winning back French Quebec is?

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